Design Inspiration

I am often asked where my inspiration may come from for a particular project.  Like any other creative, I am convinced in some ways we just see things a bit differently.  For me there is no one set place I find inspiration...certainly travel and fashion are top on the list. Recently I visited my daughter Isabel in Rome and then traveled on to Venice, Florence, San Gimignango, Chianti, Sienna, and ended my trip in Milan. Throughout Italy the mens fashion did not disappoint. So many men tailored to absolute perfect.  When I arrived in Florence and of course Milan, the local women walking down the street were impeccable....from top to bottom.   It was an amazing trip.

 I have always found that often times interiors will follow what is going on in fashion. If I had to relate my fabric choices for interior projects right now they would emulate Anna Wintour.  The mix of rich feeling fabrics like mohairs and and some of the more textural fabrics are common in my room choices...touches of fur a must...adding light colors to make the fur and textured tones pop I love.  But I think what I love most about her fashion is the over all mix of what she puts together.  The same goes for I have always is all about the mix.  Price point and pedigree does not matter but how it all comes together does.  

My current obsession is adding elements that almost clash a bit.....they really create so much interest, versus something more matched and using materials in more unexpected ways.  Stay tuned, in the next few weeks I am installing several projects that reflect this feel.