For years I have done a mix of designing my clients homes with vintage and new items.  Some clients are open to the vintage/ antique items and some are not.  For me personally I have always felt the best way to get a one of a kind home is to include these amazing vintage finds.  For awhile....I got away from sourcing vintage...for a variety of reasons but what I do realize is that it is an integral part of the mix not match look that is so true to my personal style.  So I am back hunting and gathering amazing finds for my clients and now you!

I have always felt that when the designer client fit is right that is when great design happens.  I am currently lucky enough to be working on several projects where the fit is spot on.  Some of the spaces that are coming together are really coming out fantastic...the results are exceeding not only my clients expectations but my own.  We are now working on layering and styling each project.  Can't wait to share these spaces.

Several months ago I had added a shop called Blueprint Vintage to my website.....I quickly realized that my mix not match style wasn't about selling exclusively vintage items...but more about a  mix of modern art and modern accessories mixed with vintage accessories as well as vintage art.   The key to making the vintage items feel fresh and right for todays interiors is all about mixing them with modern elements.

One of the most asked questions I get from clients is "I am not sure if it goes".  Let me just say there is no right or wrong.  What you may love your neighbor may not understand at all....the key is surrounding yourself with things you love and styling them in a way that appeals to you personally.  

#BLUEPRINT STUDIO WORKS  will showcase art and home accessories both new and vintage as a vignette style guide ...not sure how to style a particular space in your home then you can buy one item or the entire vignette.  We do the work for you.  Our goal will be to post a minimum of 2-3 vignettes per week.  If there are any items you are interested in please feel free to email us to purchase them.  Looking forward to making new online friends and seeing how you all use our curated selection of finds.  Our ultimate goal will be to create a vignette selling platform that will allow you see the full vignette and purchase directly from each vignette page.  Stay tuned.

All the best,


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