Monday's Motivation....New Agenda Page for the week

I like to start my week in an organized fashion.  Let's say I am one of those type A's that needs to be checking off a list.  I have tried every agenda calendar possible...even treating myself to a large LV, which I love but cannot find the right pages that work well for me.  I think I might need to design my own! I think when you are a designer you are always designing something!  I start every day with one of these pages......every Monday I tend to change the colors and add new images or quotes that happen to resonate with me at that time.  Above is my Agenda sheet for 7/17/17.  How do you like that date?  What I like about this particular layout, is that I can clearly see the appts I have scheduled for the day as well as a running To Do list.  I tend to use the upper right lines for long terms goals, reminders, phone calls to make...items that need to stand out for me that are not my typical To Do items.  You should be able to download this here, if not feel free to email me and I am happy to send you the file.  This image came from Pinterest, if anyone knows the source please let me know so I can credit them!  Here's to a productive Monday!