Camo & Green Aug 17' Mood

Fashion and interiors for me go hand in hand and how I approach dressing and decorating are very similar.  I believe in great quality basics that can stand the test of time, that you can continually keep reinventing into fresh new looks.  In Fashion think great basic dresses, classic trousers, high end white shirts made from beautiful fabric and T-shirts and jeans that fit like a glove. 

 For your home think classic sofas, upholstered in great quality fabric that can last and be easily cleaned so they always looks fresh. Chairs with a silhouette you love that can be reupholstered and or painted to give it a fresh look from year to year.  This my methodology, I love quality over quantity, fabrics in general for me are key, cheap looks just that cheap.  I then like to put my personal touch on things with accessories, in fashion, jewelry, handbags and over the top shoes can change a look in an instant. Anyone who knows me knows shoes are my thing!  I owned a shoe and handbag store for 10 years. For the home, think pillows, organic natural accessories, or other classics.  Limiting your home accessories to black, white, silver and gold allow you to build your styling closet with timeless objects that can be moved from room to room and look current from year to year.  Adding of the moment accessory items to your classics keep things fresh and current.  

Augusts mood many of you, I have been drawn to the olive green and military look.  Had to have the Nili Lotan camo pants with the tape running down the sides...they are my casual go to this summer, for fall I will amp them up with a black or nude shoe or boot.  The animal hyde in green is available in The Prop Shop if your looking to add an eclectic touch to a space.  Love the geometric painted floor, I have been thinking about painting my office floor for an extra layer of somthin somethin if you know what I mean.  The Gucci image...well Gucci is knocking out of the park these days!  I purchased the vintage Hermes Camo scarf and plan to create my very own one of a kind camo jacket...hoping is comes out great as it will be a costly mistake if I ruin the scarf! Yikes...  My jewelry inspiration is the classic simple wide gold bangle, I have had my eye on the Hermes Medor for sometime and that might be my guilty indulgence this fall....then I love adding the touch of edge with the nail head bracelet.  I love taking my classic items but then adding in something edgy and unexpected.  When designing homes...I always like to add in something that adds some friction if you will.  It almost doesn't go, but does, if you know what I mean.  These types of things make things much more interesting and personalized.

Would love to hear from all of you on what is inspiring you this August...forgot to add something food related or garden related...these are all focal points for me this August as well.

Until Next time,    Donna